At the Rocxi Beach there’s always something going on: competitions, promotions, workshops, new services… Come back here regularly to see what’s on.

We will return in 15 days

All the restoration of Catalonia is saying goodbye this morning, but it will be back in 15 days! We will continue to work with our Take Away service so that you can continue to enjoy our cuisine. Today we open with the usual schedule (13 – 01h), booking on the web or on the phone: 93 645 20 50 TAKE AWAY menu Reserve by phone or WhatsApp 648 213 000 […]

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We are open 365 days a year

We are open 365 days a year from 1pm to midnight with an uninterrupted kitchen. — And with our TAKE AWAY service take Rocxi Beach anywhere you want Pick up your order at the restaurant and we will give you a 10% discount on the ticket. Look at the TAKE AWAY card Reserve by phone or WhatsApp 648 213 000 • Place your order in time • If you can’t […]

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Rocxi beach 5th anniversary

5 years go a long way… to consolidate a new project and start new ones, to reaffirm your fidelity that made us stronger in the face of adversity. Thank you for being with us yesterday, today and forever. We want to celebrate with you by inviting you to the second drink during the months of July and August * * Invitation for a single person in their second drink.

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We open

We open Rocxi Beach on Monday! We wanted to tell you that this Monday 25/05/2020 we opened the Rocxi Beach restaurant and now you can enjoy it from Monday to Sunday (365 days a year) with an uninterrupted kitchen from 13 to 00h. We have worked very hard to adapt our facilities with the corresponding sanitary measures so you can have a safe and unforgettable experience at Rocxi Beach, we […]

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RB Take Away

Volem començar ja !! We start here divendres 2020/05/22 apropant-te the Rocxi Beach home with RB TAKE AWAY. RB TAKE AWAY is about a new service that will take the restaurant so you can pick up and enjoy our kitchen on vulguis (Gavà, Castelldefels or Les Botigues de Sitges). You can order from Monday to Friday from 11 to 22h with a phone call or a WattsApp 648 213 000 […]

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Father’s day

In these delicate moments we want to give you our full support, being convinced that together we will get out of this situation. See you very soon that you have a happy father’s day. GOOD FRIENDS, GOOD FOOD, GOOD TIMES.

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We close until new notice

The management of GRUP ROCXI has decided to close its restaurants Rocxi Beach and Vila del Rocxi until further notice to ensure the safety of our customers and employees as a preventive measure to the COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding. GOOD FRIENDS, GOOD FOOD, GOOD TIMES.

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Holiday schedules 2019-2020

These parties we cook. ?? 24/12/19 OPEN Day and Night. ? 25/12/19 OPEN Day CLOSED Night. ? 12/26/19 OPEN Day CLOSED Night. ?? 27/12/19 OPEN Day & Night. ?? 29/12/19 OPEN Day & Night. ?? 12/29/19 OPEN Day & Night. ?? 12/30/19 OPEN Day & Night. ?? 12/31/19 OPEN Day & Night. ? 01/01/20 OPEN Day CLOSED Night. ?? 02/01/20 OPEN Day & Night. ?? 01/03/20 OPEN Day & Night. […]

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Christmas Menus 2019-2020

We already have here the group menus for these Christmas holidays. Groups Christmas ? End of the year ? Special parties ? Or if you prefer, choose an option from our letter . Reserve now!! GOOD FRIENDS, GOOD FOOD, GOOD TIMES.

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Suggestions autumn 2019

This week we have seasonal suggestions: Cod with “llanera negra” grilled and pil-pil sauce. “Rossinyols” with black sausage and fried egg. Charcoal-grilled Níscalos. “Trumpets of death” with beans and truffled egg. Sautéed “ceps” with cubes of foie and truffled egg. GOOD FRIENDS, GOOD FOOD, GOOD TIMES.

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